Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON

An activist superpower to summon a mouth to speak about the truths
in the physical world  through a forcefully installed browser extension online. 

Prompt: Superpower

“a technological superpower prototype demoed/performed”
(Studio, MFA Media Design Practices, ArtCenter)

I started by expanding what supwerpower is...

I looked at the concepts of superpowers and the concepts of superheroes separately. The two are not necessarily associated with each other, despite often linked together. Having a superpower does not necessarily make you a superhero, unless it is for the larger social good; being a superhero gives the impression that one must have some sort of superpower, because of
fantasies of superheroes saving the day for all. 
I found myself interested in the social effects more than any power itself, and thinking about the
social stereotypes of functions and appearances of superheroes,
how do all these change in the virtual world?

What if superpower is a need instead of wanted desire?
What if physical effects have virtual repercussions, and/or vice versa?
What if everyone has this superpower (is it still a superpower, though)?
What if

my superpower is to give others superpowers

That sounds like something for the social good, while being potentially dangerous.
I am going for great impacts.

The image of a mouth came to my mind.

My superpower would be using this mouthpiece to assign spokesperson/spokesbeing to social issues and happenings. With this mouth I could create a path between the virtual and the physical world from both directions, by mounting it onto any person/object.

Responding to people‘s increasing emergence and indulgence in the digital/virtual world, I fear that people would lose sense of the “real” world. At the same time, I also fear that people would not be aware and therefore help grow the happenings of cybercrimes while being in the cyber world. This mouth is here to speak the truth.

I am the one having the superpower who have
control over the mouths, and by placing the
mouths onto others I am also transferring
the superpower of truth-speaking to them.

This brings up interesting questions regarding how superpowers would be defined: Is the creator the one that has superpowers? Is it the owner? Is the object itself the superpower?

The way of placing mouths was to smack it onto someone’s/something’s back of head secretly. Perhaps, at an important conference where someone is trying Frto make a business contract with a game company, and this game company is hiding some serious cybercrimes, I would use this mouth to shout our the truths.

first attempt: draggable mouth on a website, and a physical mouth.

Some compelling moments about the act could include but not limited to
a saliva rain of data, the twitter room, mouth ensemble in digital nature, people shouting the numbers of cybercrimes

it became more that

my superpower is my ability to speak through any virtual characters/objects

basically, the mouth is ubiquitous

final prototype: a browser extension that turns every image into a mouth
and every paragraph into the words I speak in real life
the above video is a screen-recording of the browser extension working
watch full video at the very top of this page

I made a browser extension of this mouth. (see the full video at the very top of this page)
The words in the video are about global news and cybercrimes.

blending the digital and the physical worlds

makes me wonder more about future spaces, which also bring up concerns about individual privacy, personal vs. public spaces, and people’s control abilities

I created another short video about possible physical-virtual spaces

Who is the superhero? Who is it for? These actually connect back to some questions I explored when expanding about the definition of superpowers. What could be a superhero’s personal interests? What could be some biased superpowers owned by biased superheroes?

Speaking whatever I want sounds like a selfish act if regardless of content.

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