wearable technology, design fiction

Technology: Internet of Things, ml5.js, p5.js

A design fiction of a government-promoted technological headwear
to redefine social balance and wellbeing.

SORGAN® is a speculative wearable that tracks social interactions 20 yrs into the pandemic, a design fiction based on a government wellbeing promotion for a “paradise state” of social balance. The project combines the structure of balance theory with the growing presence of virtual worlds, to question how the metaphorical balance of social weight is defined, measured, and visualized. The project asks the audience to reflect on what a standard for social wellbeing might be as people start to design their own ways to maintain balance.

Keywords: wearable technology, social organ, social balance, social weight, social wellbeing, social interaction

Is there a standard for social wellbeing?
Is there a way to design a standard for social wellbeing?
Is it possible for the government to design a standard for social wellbeing?

More processes coming soon......