The Garbage Truck


(play above video with sound)

Technology: GLSL shaders on the force

A GLSL shader of the iconic Taiwanese garbage truck.

= yellow garbage truck + broadcasting maiden’s prayer all over the streets + lots of red lights + iconic Taiwanese slippers

// Prompt: make shader visuals that respond to a sound

(photo courtesy: Google Images)

This is a very iconic figure that roams the streets of Taiwan. Every Taiwanese knows it’s time to take out the garbage when it plays the melody of the maiden’s prayer. A garbage truck playing maiden’s player!

To play the scene out more vividly, I overlayed the shader outcome with the image of a pair of iconic Taiwanese slippers
A saying is that this is very “Tai” (台), meaning, very Taiwanese local style.

Playing with the coding functions of glsl shaders was fun. Here are some screenshots.

original sound source: youtube

This is an experiment project built on the prompt given in a glsl workshop with shader artist Char Stiles.

You’re welcome to direct to my creative tech site for a more detailed process and other projects.