City of Male-Brain Box


Collaboration with Noah Curtis, Nayoung Kwon, and Tieyang Li

A futuristic city that exists at the corner of a male’s contemplation.

Following what had been observed, collected, and collaged in the previous cities...

//City of David experiment 

Besides arrow butterflies, I developed more

new digital nature

some hand draft

And continued on the topic of digital footprints. What if every virtual site is a city itself, and every time we would visit the site, we become a temporal citizen of that virtual city? By living on flying drones, would we even need any physical city in the future?

In the City of David, David is the center and people come to the city to examine him. Every decision and movement on the web should leave digital footprints. The upper-left corner of a browser tab would by its lit up color show if the city is currently open to traffic. Flowers of location points are lined up surrounding David and also paved a straight path that leads to the great landmark. Those are the points people have stepped on, and when there are footprints, there would be surveillance.

David as a landmark of his own virtual city, also seemed to over simplify people’s desires and reasonings of being there. What could we do more than visit on the virtual space?

//Another City of David experiment

Virtual worlds are versatile. And that includes the City of David. 

I collaged elements of concepts from Nayoung, Noah, and Tieyang to the digital city I built. Nayoung with the illustrated people, Noah with the text-sign on some weird shapes I created, and Tieyang with the distorted buildings. It looked more like a “city” we are familiar with now. 

My style is vivid, but in this case it’s a little too 2D.
So the four of us collaborated with what we had, designing more and more collage experiments.

some other collage I played with...

//City of a male-brain box

Tieyang developed more 3D landscapes, Nayoung with colorful characters, and Noah worked on visualizing the collected text signs. I constructed the structures of our collage.

My structure base went from


And finally...with everyone’s hard work!

Here are some moments that I love

It looks like they’re playing board games, but also playing god.

The title of the city came at the very last. Tieyang noticed that Nayoung’s illustrated human figures were all male unpurposefully. I looked at the moments of this city, and it felt to me like a box in some corner of a male’s brain. Study said that for male, thoughts are all separately packed into boxes and have their own spaces in the mind. The collage was colorful and playful, and different moments in the city seem to exist peacefully without bothering others. Hence, I came up with the name—the city of a male brain box.